….a very good place to start!

I have had a love of green plants since I was little.  Yes, I was that elementary kid whom, instead of running and playing and getting energy out, was picking green things on the very edge of where we were supposed to be.  Ever looking over my shoulder to make sure I didn’t go too far, I found my solace in those 25ish minutes after lunch amongst the greenery.

My “imaginary friends” growing up were deer.  I talked to them as though they were friends, had constant dreams of running and jumping freely as one of their own.  Today even I saw a scared family of deer running along the median of our busy interstate 95.  Their homes were destroyed (or marked to be so) all for the sake of getting another buck from the populace.  They were scared and running as though their lives depended on it (and it probably did!)  I would have pulled over to tell the police less than a mile up the road if it weren’t going to make me late to my current job.

At the top of my hill, I would pick Broad Plantain leaves and shape them into bowls into which I would put my bounty of Plantain seeds to “eat”.  Now, as a kid this was not looked very highly upon and I was certainly one to follow rules to the letter so I never did ingest….but this was my play growing up.

Moving along into the “upper grades” (4-5) we had a different playground and new plants to learn.  There was a copse of trees where prior students had planted their token seedlings on Earth Day.  That copse would cause my seat to be a bit moist for the rest of the day as I would just sit there and be.  I remember there was a stream running to the right of it.  I used to pick Wild Onions, chop off the greenery and present this bounty to my “friends”.  I only included 1 friend in on this play, and she is still on my friends list today.  Others scoffed because I was on the outskirts….It could not have been that afternoon onion smell that lingered……nor the skunk cabbage that I quickly learned to identify and not to “harvest” anymore!

As time marches ever onward, we loose sight of what made us happy as youngsters.  This is the purpose for my blog.  It is a restart in my life.  A way to go back to my proverbial roots as it were and to find what makes me happy.  Here you will find Sage advice, pearls of Wisdom, with a bit of herbal/natural knowledge to make your journey complete (Thyme).

Thank you for joining me on my journey!

~Pati D.

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