I need to attend at least 1 herbal conference this year and as they typically they happen over the summer, I need to signup now.  There are 2 that I’ve been watching for years now (seriously…at least 5) that are on the East Coast: International Herbal Conference in Massachusetts,  and the one listed above in Vermont.  There are a few reasons I’m choosing the above this year.

  • Cost-it’s about half as much even without the
  • Work study possibility because let’s face it, I’m going to find things that need doing and do them…might as well get a tuition discount if I can :D. Im on the waiting list and will find out next week if theres availability!  (Helen from Sage Mt text me /swoon!)
  • Rosemary Gladstar started this conference.  While she’s still with us, I want to go.
  • This year is the 30th year!
  • It’s in late August as opposed to the last weekend of school in June (I’ll be cleaning out my room)

Now, while I am not relishing the idea of being social with 100s of close women herbalists (yes, no testosterone allowed),  I am looking forward to the opportunity to network in the larger herbal community.  Who knows, I might have sown my podcast roots by then and could nab an interview or two 😉

I’m going to unplug now and pine through the course selection guide, swinging in my hammock while listening to the birds peck through dried leaves and drinking nettle tea.

I should have pictures tomorrow to update contact me, about me and possibly my profile picture so I can turn this blog live!

PS: I totally forgot!  If you’d like to join me, you can register here: New England Womens Herbal Conference

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