Hope In Uncertain Times

Years ago, I heard of this gentleman by the name of Deepak Chopra.  About once a quarter (or trimester), he publishes a free 21-day meditation you can join him in.  A few years ago (5 or so?) Oprah Winfrey joined him and he gained notariety for this.  You can access each day for about 5 days, but then it’s gone.  You are able to purchase the entire meditation for use whenever you wish, I’ve seen them go for about $100.

Why am I bringing this up today?  We just happen to be in day 4 of a new 21-day Meditation entitled Hope in Uncertain Times. That I am taking part in.

In the past, I got so wrapped up with OCD: making sure I logged in to get the message of the day written down in my journal, to record the daily messages, to write out the sanscrit centering thought….I was so bogged down that it became a chore to log in daily, something I had to do to “complete my collection”.

This time, I am taking it as it goes.  I will log in because it will help me, not because I am compelled to do so.

Last thought I would like to impart: if you log in to Hope in Uncertain Times, you will notice an online journal.   There was one of these that dealt with the past where I wrote in that digital journal just to get the thoughts out of my head.   To release the tension I had dealt with in my meditative state into the “ether” as it were.  If you are to embark on this journey with me, please know as I didn’t that you are unable to access these journals after the meditation closes.  You have about 5 days after the meditation is published to access it.  In the list, it will go dark.

Today I am on Day 3: Turning Doubt and Uncertainty into Hope.  The Centering Thought is: Hope makes me strong and secure.   The Sanskrit Mantra is Eem Hreem Kleem (I radiate confidence and strength.)



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