I’m still teaching at a school.  Our administrative assistant is visually pregnant, and has some mucus going on.   What to do?   What cold medicines are “safe” for pregnancy?

Unfortunately we’ve all been there, and I do not have a clinical answer to tell you. Perhaps, after learning more myself, I will be able to give deeper advice.  This post is to relay 2 things I did to help her.

1-I have a blend that’s called Breathe tea that I have her recipe for (shhh, don’t tell her!). After a cup or two, the mucus production slowed and she could breathe again.

2-Peppermint Essential Oil.  A dab of this behind her ears and it clears sinuses right up.  Please be aware though that Essential oils are traditionally too strong to use straight and are best diluted (olive oil, petroleum jelly, vicks vapor rub….).  We are both experienced in EOs, so we apply 1 neat drop behind the ear lobe.  Once I applied too much and my eyes burned mintily for about 10 minutes much to my dismay (as an oil, it doesn’t wipe off easily) so you have been warned!

I will never make my own oils, and no, I’m not endorsing one brand over another at this point.  I use Aura Cacia right now as I have come to trust it, and it just so happens to be available at my local Wegmans!

Other things I would suggest for her are a really warm sitz bath to warm things up and get it moving, steam facial (warm air into the breathing passages) and a humidifier.

Good Luck baby mommas!!

~Pati D.


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