This post from Susun Weed made me chuckle today.

Yes, we as medicine makers may be seen to create potions (tinctures, oils, herbal honey)… and in Susun’s broader sense of a witch is a female whose art is her life, yes many herbalists are witches both male and female.

In our current society however, I would never call myself that due to the connotations that word has in our society.  It’s amazing to me how our current generation morphs words that have been used for centuries with no ill effect then bastardize them and pull them completely out of context.  The word gay is one example among many.  Boys in my classes call each other bra…..I have no clue why.

Also, since when did we become so lazy that Cheerleading now is called Cheer?

#WorldAccordingToPati                                      /hops off soapbox

Thanks for listening 😉


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