I had a wonderful weekend, and hope all of you did as well!!

Saturday, I spend the day with my son going around to yard sales, and doing various tasks that needed doing.  Mostly keeping the kid out of my husbands hair as he has been a handful this past month 😀

Sunday I had my Whole Living class at Forrest Green Farm.  I got so much out of this weeks class!!   We learned about kombucha then took home a SCOBY.  We learned about Vermicomposting, and took home a worm composting bin we made (which I’ll totally have to do a class on locally because it’s super simple!!).  We learned about the importance of bone broth (not just chicken stock) and sampled some.  It was a TON of information, and we also made 2 tinctures and a vinegar to take home.

Monday was relaxing around the house as we didn’t have any other commitments.  This is odd for my family, but we’ve been running solid since mid-April.  I planted a 3-tier planter I got from Aldi’s.  I purchased a Red Shiso plant last year from Forrest Green Farm, and it grew leggy, and went to seed almost immediately.  In planting this tiered planter, I found some baby Red Shiso in my front yard!   I quickly transplanted it into the tiered pot in the hopes of saving it and harvesting it this year!  I also learned how not to separate parsley plants…

TriTier pot 0529
Parsley, Cinnamon Basil, Lemon Basil, Lemon Balm and Red Shiso

and got a flat ready to thin out my seedlings from class last week.

FGF seed flat 0529
My seeds from Whole Living class on 5/29/17

I then read a book my husband got me for my birthday and although my seedlings are big and crowding each other, they still only have their cotyledons, not their first set of true leaves, and so shouldn’t be transplanted as of yet!

I also made some blueberry simple syrup to share, and started my SCOBY in it’s new home.  Yes, the SCOBY is absolutely disgusting-reminds me of dissecting the fetal pig in 8th grade science (do they do that anymore?), but if I can get some tasty kombucha off of it, I’ll do it.

All in all, I return to work with dirt under my fingernails, and a green song in my heart.  I played video games only a little this past weekend (it was double refinement in Neverwinter, and I had been saving up for it).  All in all, extremely refreshing and calming.

Oh, and I dyed my hair!   I want to eventually do thisbut in the interim, my hair is a bit short, and I’m still teaching so I went with a mild colorant: teal and green….need to put some red into it so it doesn’t just look like algae!

What did you do for you this past weekend?   Please comment below!

~Pati D.

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