After being in the works for a bit, I finally received confirmation tonight.

Drum roll please:

I am the new leader of the Herbal Arts Collective of Downtown Greens!!!

What does this mean?  Well, I will be working under 2 ladies by the name of Sarah.  I was told tonight to go ahead and plan ideas out (they are both aware I still have to finish teaching commitment), get with them for dates and scheduling, and they’ll publicize whatever I’m doing!  I also met Courtney, one whom was in the Herbal Arts Collective in it’s prior incarnation and she gave me some insight.  Mostly that it was a small 5-person group.

My hopes/goals/visions for this endeavor:

  1. A garden nearby.  A space to all my own where I can plant medicinal plants and not have to worry about having to transplant it when we move.  I have a flat of seedlings that are going to need a forever home! (yes, that weedy patch in the header is now my responsibility!  Overgrown nettle, echinacea and others I haven’t id’d yet….I’m drooling!)
  2. A title/responsibility.  For some reason, people tend to take you more seriously if you have a title attached to your name, it implies responsibility (no matter how small it actually is).  Pati Dunn, director of the Herbal Arts Collective for Downtown Greens.   Sounds pretty cool!  😉
  3. A direction.  My ultimate vision is to grow the herbal community of Fredericksburg as Charlottesville has grown.  They have several learning centers/farms within 10 minutes of each other, organic markets and the like.  I know we have the interest in Fredericksburg, specifically downtown for the demographics.  I just have to find a way to get them hooked, involved, and grow something out of what is currently there.
  4. An avenue to teach.  According to the website, the collective has thus far been essentially a monthly class.  I already have at least 12 ideas I can teach for monthly classes, and that’s not tapping anyone else local or close by that I’m networked with!  I also want to start up a Tea Meet up where we just have a round-table discussion about herbs: what are you growing, why, a mere networking opportunity (free, but extremely beneficial to growing this local community).


  1.  I am still learning.  I will make mistakes.  As we all seem to be starting from little, I will listen to those around me.  While I have ideas, I am not going to be so bullish that I take this club my way or the highway.  I will listen to the needs of the community.
  2. It’s volunteer.  There is no money to be made from this position.  There may be the possibility of accepting donations for the classes in the future.  I could totally do 1 free, and 1 “paid” class a month-it’ll bring in something…..but for now, there is no income for the time spent.


Yes, I consider myself fledgling.  Yes, I will make mistakes.  I will embrace the road ahead as being bumpy, learn from everything I can and dive into this endeavor heart first.  I am super excited for this opportunity.  When your heart is open, and you are positive, things truly just happen for you.

When the teaching gig landed in my lap, I truly believed that everything happened for a reason.  I used all of the skills learned as an administrative assistant at my teaching gig: customer service, bookkeeping, client relations and even formal letter writing.  I believe I honed my teaching skills, and will continue to do so in this next endeavor.




~Pati Dunn

Director of the Herbal Arts Collective, Downtown Greens


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