A few days ago was my 2 month anniversary of this blog.  I am super excited!   I’ve had almost 100 hits in the past two months,  which I see as big!    I’ve had blogs in the past that haven’t seen that many hits over years,  so I’m very thankful and hopeful going forward. 

In reading another blog, she does a summation post every month with a top 5, goals for the upcoming month and recap of previous goals. I really liked the structure as well as accountability for myself so I’ll start doing monthly goals. 

(Image from http://www.dreamstime.com)

My goals for June:

  • Rosemary Gladstar’s course: finish readings and submit homework up to and including lesson 3.
  • Post to my blog weekly. 
  • Tweet daily.
  • Start up herbal meetup through/ worth downtown greens.
  • Clean my herbal room
  • Purge at least 1/2 from that room!
  • Transplant seedlings.
  • Complete goals/ life outlook in my dragontree planner.

Stretch goals:

  • Do 1 course through Learning Herbs (jim mcdonald or susan weed’s 7 rivers)
  • Gladstar complete up to lesson 4.
  • Read one of the many herbal books I have…..

This list is ambitious given I’m still at school until the 19th, and am out of town a weekend in there, but we’ll see.  I think a car ride will give me time to complete the first one, but sleep also overtakes me on car rides, so we’ll see.

I think these are workable goals, but we’ll see next month!   What is one herbal goal you have for yourself this month?   Please post a comment below!

~Pati D.

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