So as I approach the time when I will be devoting all my energy to this new endeavor, I take a step back and frankly just plain freak out!!!!   How am I ever going to make an income out of letting my fingers type really fast while I extemporize?

I came across this post from that helped….a little.  Megan had an Etsy store then life happened as it does to us all.  Our life work gets put on the back burner in lieu of greater concerns and sometimes projects lie dormant for a long time.  (I originally wrote forgotten, but they are never truly forgotten.)

Unlike Megan, I do not believe I personally will become a blogger for 3 important blogs and make my income that way as I personally find more fulfillment in more hands-on endeavors.  I hope to teach classes locally (once I feel confident in my knowledge base), possibly online.  I also hope to write articles for local publications.

There are many forks in this road.  I will not dream to make concrete plans, as what I need will come only if I don’t limit myself.  I recently learned this from a podcast by Lewis Howes.  I will have goals (that I may or may not share), and I will “dream big”.  But my goals will not be limiting.

So how am I going to best support my family through this new endeavor?


I still have only a foggy idea!


~Pati D.

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