On 6/5, I did a summation post for May with goals for June.  I was right in saying that they were indeed ambitious as I only met a few of them.   Please read on for a critique of June’s goals, and setting of July’s goals.

Copied from the 6/5 post:

My goals for June:

  • Rosemary Gladstar’s course: finish readings and submit homework up to and including lesson 3.
  • Post to my blog weekly.
  • Tweet daily.
  • Start up herbal meetup through/ with downtown greens.
  • Clean my herbal room
  • Purge at least 1/2 from that room!
  • Transplant seedlings.
  • Complete goals/ life outlook in my dragontree planner.

Stretch goals:

  • Do 1 course through Learning Herbs (jim mcdonald or susan weed’s 7 rivers)
  • Gladstar complete up to lesson 4.
  • Read one of the many herbal books I have…..



So where am I on them?

Sage: I really haven’t progressed, much to my frustration.  Yes, I’ve read through lesson 2 and started the homework…what I’ve found in the past week however, is that I like the online format much better as it’s more interactive.  There are also videos embedded at various points in the lesson that I haven’t watched yet.

Room:  I’m about 95% done.  It went from a hoarders dream (and my nightmare) where there was only a single path that could walk down without making anything fall.  I took a webinar in my room yesterday and man did it feel wonderful!!!

Social media: I have tweeted/retweeted daily!  Blog posting I think this makes the 4th post this month?  They have not been as on schedule as I want it to be.  I also played with SnapChat, and don’t know that I’ll use it much as I hate posting pictures of myself.  I’m also on Instagram, and am likewise underwhelmed.  Maybe I’m just too old for them 😉

Herbal Arts Collective: YEA!!  It’s becoming a thing!  I emailed Downtown Greens about the intro meet and greet to no response.  I figured out how to make an event on fbook (it was painful) but when I tagged DG, found that they already created it (which meant I had to take mine down-fun times).  BUT there were 6 people “going”, and 22 people “interested”.  Here I was thinking the 6+ month defunct group might have 5 at the intro meeting…..I am super excited its so big (and concerned I now have to impress people…..)

Seedlings and planner were a no go, and as to the extra HerbMentor course-I listened to the first 2 lectures of jim mcdonald’s Herbal Energetics, so it was at least started.


All in all, I’d say my goals were not realistic.  Lets try this again:

  1. SAGE: complete up to homework lesson 3.  I need to get going on this.
  2. Continue to Tweet daily/Blog weekly
  3. Complete my first interview for a magazine.
  4. Schedule July and August for Herbal Arts Collective and follow through to include monthly meet and greet, and at lease 1 class (I hope for 2 through Chestnut Herbal School).
  5. Look into teaching classes through the local Parks and Rec.

This is a pretty big list, some scary endeavors to undertake.  Either I’ll fall flat and learn from it, or thrive.


Pati D.

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