Below were the goals I set for June:

  1. SAGE: complete up to homework lesson 3.  I need to get going on this.
  2. Continue to Tweet daily/Blogweekly
  3. Complete my first interview for a magazine.
  4. Schedule July and August for Herbal Arts Collective and follow through to include monthly meet and greet, and at lease 1 class (I hope for 2 through Chestnut Herbal School).
  5. Look into teaching classes through the local Parks and Rec.

1-I will be submitting lesson 2 homework as soon as I get home from vacation.  The hardest part for completing this homework was to create a protocol for myself for the liver.  It was hard for me because while I know our gut health is important and needs support, I don’t have a known concern to address.  If I had something, I could try to fix it, but in terms of my liver, I feel like I’m ok there.

The reason I’ve been pushing myself to “get this done” is not only because I need to, but also because I only have access to this course until a certain date.  When I initially signed up, it was for 2 years online access.  I recently discovered that I have a year longer than I thought!!

2-I was awesome at this while at home, not so much the 2 weeks we were on vacation.  I now know how to schedule posts for both Twitter and FBook.  Once I set these up, it should be easy to log in, schedule a few posts then go on about my day without feeling the neglect that I have been in regards to social media.

Shark floated over me at Cleveland Aquarium!

3-I did complete it, but publication has been pushed back.  I need to find a focus and do it again in August.

4-August is scheduled for HAC!!  8/14 is our Tea Meet (loosely discussing sunburns) and 8/23 I’m teaching a class on Nourishing Herbal Infusions.  I also have 3 classes in the works for September that just need dates and confirmations!

The NHI is in the center!

5-Stafford Parks and Rec is accepting teachers on their website, I can charge what I want for them!  Now to comeup with a class to teach!
All in all ok, I want to blast through these goals this month:

  1. Complete 10 materia medica cards.  This amounts to about 2/week.
  2. Read through at least until 7 (out of 14) in lesson 3 of Science and Art of Herbology (before bed ;-))
  3. Tweet daily, blog weekly, fbook 3/week
  4. Solidify September HACs schedule to include researching alcohol usage in classes.
  5. Start exercising at least once a day.

So all in all, build social media for my SAGE business, and work more on my studies.

Lion panting through schmutzy glass at the Columbus Zoo.

This month is going to be hard because I am trying my best to get into my “work” groove while we are still on vacation mode.  My husband has a lot of engagements coming up, a lot of weekend events.  I need to put my business first, dive in a get it.  I can’t wait for school to start!!  😀

I am also trying to set up a private lesson schedule.  I am coming to the realization that while I am pursuing my passion and trying to form it into a working business model, it will take some time.  In the mean time, I realized this morning that my brain equates “income” with “success”.  By not having an income for the foreseeable future, my brain sees me as a failure.  I know and understand that this is not the case,  but we can only try to retrain our brains once we find what we want to change.  By setting up private music lessons, it will not only get me out of the house and doing more things I love (teaching, and music), but it will net me some funds to feel like I’m at least contributing to our household income.  Some funds so that I don’t feel like a mooch when I see an herbal conference coming up that I want to go to, to learn from, to grow from.  We’ll see though.  Work-life balance is certainly something I’m going to have to work one….but that’ll be a goal for another month 😉


~Pati D.

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