The post I have linked below has really struck home for me.  As I decide which direction I want this blog to take, and which one of the many avenues to pursue for this passion, this post it quite timely.  It explores the differences between vending 25 years ago versus today’s evolution of vending live at shows.

I agree that I’ve seen more shows branded as “herb and garden” as opposed to shows just branded as “herbal”.  The difference frustrates me as I can’t garden as much as I would like.  Living in a rental, the space is just not mine to do with as I please.  Couple that with the unknown of when we will be moving on to another location and the questions of what can be transplanted, lead me to only a small container garden on a small brick wall outside my door.  Also, I have noticed personally that “herb and garden” branded shows are really herb and GARDEN shows.

In the article she mentions local (defunct) farmer’s markets.  Thankfully, in my area, we have several thriving farmers markets within a brief driving distance.  There is one almost every day of the week, for those so inclined to vend at them.

My next “product” steps are to make a few things for holiday giving.  I plan on giving those closest to me handmade gifts, products they can use in their everyday life, that have been infused or use herbal products in some way.  I hope my family and friends will then use these products fearlessly, knowing that past projects have sat on shelves because they are just too pretty and thoughtful to use!  BAH!   Use them!  Love them!   I can always make more for you!   and as a bonus, if you give me feedback, I can change how I made it to make it more fit you/work better!

Please take time to read the article for yourself, and let me know any comments you have!

~Pati D.


There are a couple of books sitting here to review, so that’s coming up in the next week, but in the meantime there’s something we’ve been mulling over for the last year or so. We’ve been hesitant to bring it up but just in case you visit a festival and don’t see us there…Vending at…

via To vend, or not to vend… — The Essential Herbal Blog

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