We had a lovely small group of ladies join together for a tea meet up at Downtown Greens.  The space was cozy and the conversation was wonderful.  Our general topic was sun care and the conversation wandered amazingly well!

We started off with prevention.  First, it was mentioned that there is research that sun burns are partially caused by a Vitamin C deficiency.  I was able to find an article online that mentions it, along with a laundry list of other foods to eat to help your photoprotection.  I brought up my Pinterest research into SunScreen lotion bars which utilize various EOs (Essential Oils) to boost the SPF of various products.  As I was nearing the end of my “do it yourself sunscreen bar” search, I came across 1 last article that debated the SPF of various EOs.   Here it is.  We also spoke of Zinc being a common ingredient in all sunscreens and if you’re making your own, use non-nano so that it is not absorbed into your skin.

Other, more common sense ways of preventing sunburn that were discussed were wearing clothing, avoiding exposure especially from 11-2.  As well as, of course, not falling asleep in the heat of the day as I have a tendency to do myself.  Apparently, ladies whom are required to cover the majority of their bodies at all times have a higher level vitamin D deficiency, and so higher risks of various cancers.

Once you have gotten a burn, everyone resounded that ALOE was their go-to relief.  After a side tangent on the benefits of having your own aloe plant (and nibbling a little bit daily), we also discussed Apple Cider Vinegar (I used pasteurized, much to everyone else’s dismay) and black tea.  Black tea (try for non-fruity varieties) contain tannins.  These tannins will draw away things from our body such as the sting of a sunburn to a minor tooth infection.

We also discussed Noxzema.  This is a remedy that was mentioned to me while I was going through my sunburn, but didn’t want to spend the $15+ on a large jar of it for a single use.  Well!  I learned at this tea meet up that it is also wonderful as a mosquito repellent!  It has been used on the face as well as on the tops of the ears to do so!

Other discussions that arose were on the topics of the “medical mother ship”, “color puncture”, vaccines (pros and cons, required and flu), how to make fresh flax seed oil and pee shooters.  We also learned from one member that there is a shop on Deacon Road called Plants N Things that we want to investigate!

I would like to say thank you so much to the ladies whom attended!   No matter whom attends, we come from such varied backgrounds and have so much to add to the conversations, it is wonderful to be a facilitator and watch the conversations unfold.

Lastly, I look forward to seeing even more of you come out for a workshop on Nourishing Herbal Infusions.  We are meeting next Wednesday, August 23rd at 2pm downstairs of Downtown Greens.  I hope it’s a lovely day and we can just be outdoors.  Please bring mosquito repellent.  (I went to the garden after the tea and was bit up pretty well).

~Pati D.

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