So, a thing happened this weekend and I was there.  But you know that because you’ve already read my last post.

Closing ceremonies ended around 3pm today and we were told we couldn’t go home until we hugged the sister to the right and the sister to the left.  I got many more before leaving then did some yoga at the beach.

Heading home, I’m still processing everything.  Seriously, I’m staying the evening at my Aunts and I talked her ear off for a good hour…..and I still haven’t downloaded and processed everything.  

I saw so much.  

I learned so much.

I heard so much.

I felt so much.

I will post at length about Saturday and Sunday when I’m at a proper comouter keyboard.  Right now, I’m going to bed, and looking forward to feeling my toes in the morning! (it was 48 degrees each night at 1am.)

And btw, I camped on hard mode: on a hill! 😀

Slainte! -Pati

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