I just took a free webinar with Jeff Goins and am totally stoked to start writing!!


I took this webinar a while ago and that phrase was completely true!   I just found last night that the webinar opened up again, so I signed up for this am to see how much more I can get out it.   Boy, has the Wizard come out from behind the curtain!!

  • The chat log is about 5 minutes earlier than the presentation.  So “everyone” is logging in and saying I’M IN!   before he even asks the question in the video.
  • the chat log is THE SAME as it was last time I took it.  Mary is out because connection issues is giving her a headache, and Jeff is still asking about pen names.

My take-away from this, instead of being totally energized a second time to write, and get followers…..is how not to do a webinar.  It’s like that song: Everything You Know is Wrong.  I thought of myself as an active participant in these thoughtful webinars that were graciously offered free…….now I feel extremely duped.  Of course these people weren’t giving up their weekends, presenting for free 3 times a day.  I now realize that the “free” course given out at the end was given out only once, not 3 times a day.  I’m super bummed….but still hoping that I’ll get something out of this that was worth my time.

So, in conclusion, I was supposed to do several things.  The first one was to ask 5 friends to describe you.  So please use a short phrase or to either describing me, or my writing.  This will help me hone in on what is resonating with my audience so I can write better.  😉

Looking towards future webinars, I signed up for a David Crow Medicine webinar with the Shift Network, and the “Relaxed Mother Summit”, which will be interesting given the biographies of the presenters.  We’re also heading into October for Herbal Arts Collective, meeting on October 4 for Cordials, October 16-Monthly Tea Discussion: Cold, and later that week to make some Fire Cider #TraditionNotTrademark!

Thank you for reading!

~Pati D.

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