So, thank you, all of you for reading this.  I am coming back out after a very…..energetic… season.

Firstly, shortly after my last post, my family decided to home school.  We are able to make ends meet while I stay home with our son to give him the attention and guidance he needs.  When put in a class with 24+ peers, he acts out, shouts and otherwise can’t focus and distracts the rest of the classroom.  As I’m typing this, he’s finishing up a history project on King Sargon to add to our timeline, so we’re doing pretty good.

This effects my time to be able to devote to this endeavour.  While herbalism is near and dear to my heart, it can not be my central focus as I had hoped.  Speaking to that, I was super excited to be accepted into a local hands-on clinical herbalism class (late October I had the interview!!!)  However, now that my son is home full time, do not know if I can still pursue it this year.  I have seriously stalked this program for at least 5 years and have watched it double in price and expand to a 3-year program as well.  We’ll see if the stars align for me to take this program this year.  I sincerely hope so!!!

Next, I have accepted the position of accompanist at my church as of November.  (I was subbing from August.)  This means that I have to dedicate hours to practicing the music to be played weekly.  I also only get 1 Sunday a month off, so am pretty tethered to this area during the church year (summers off though-Wheee!!!).

Lastly, we bought a house!!  After years of looking, we finally kicked our search into high gear and found the perfect home for us!  It’s 1 story on 3.2 acres and larger than the rental we were in.  Wood panneling, large windows in every room with beautiful plantation shutters and bamboo floors.  I can picture teaching students out back.  Every morning I wake up and am just thankful.  

Our story goes that we finalized the contract Thanksgiving.  Closed 12/20, moved furniture/kitchen 12/21, entertained my side of the family for xmas starting on 12/22.  After they returned home, we’ve been cleaning out our rental.  

We (read mostly I) have also been purging a lot of things during this move, so it’s been pretty cleansing for my soul.  I went from a full double closet and 2 tall dressers down to half the closet space and 1 dresser by purging clothes that no longer suit me.  Half our shed was a painful reminder of the larger family I wanted, but don’t have yet.  Instead of carrying that baggage further, I’ll save a few key things and sell the rest.  We can repurchase if need be.

So all in all, I’ve been pretty busy.  I hope to post here weekly again, and be more active on social media…..if i can find something to occupy the boy while I do 😉
Thanke for following!

-Pati D.

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